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May 14, 2007, 8:39 pm
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Stanford Lively Arts 2007-08 Season to Feature John Adams World … – PlaybillArts

PlaybillArtsStanford Lively Arts 2007-08 Season to Feature John Adams World …PlaybillArts, NY – Apr 18, 2007The 2007-08 season concludes on April 26 with China’s Jin Xing Dance Theatre making its US debut tour, led by choreographer Jin Xing. … Continue reading

The liveliest of arts – Stanford Daily

The liveliest of artsStanford Daily, CA – May 7, 2007The versatile Elisa Monte Dance Company performs on Apr. 14 and finally, the season caps off with the Jin Xing Dance Company’s collaborative performance … Continue reading

With emphasis on innovative programs, Lively Arts announces 2007 … – Stanford Report

With emphasis on innovative programs, Lively Arts announces 2007 …Stanford Report – Apr 24, 2007The season will end on April 26 with a performance by China’s Jin Xing Dance Theatre, which is making its first American tour, and will appear with the … Continue reading

Stanford Lively Arts expands reach, at home and beyond – Inside Bay Area

Stanford Lively Arts expands reach, at home and beyondInside Bay Area, CA – Apr 24, 2007China’s Jin Xing Dance Theatre will perform with Stanford’s Symphony Orchestra and Symphonic Chorus as part of next year’s Stanford Pan-Asian Music Festival … Continue reading



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May 12, 2007, 10:00 pm
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Jin is China’s “most famous transsexual,” whose life achievements “border on the revolutionary [and] overturned traditions long upheld in China,” wrote Sylvie Levey in London’s Daily Mirror. “High-ranking representatives of the Communist Party, dressed to the nines, pay a fortune to watch her perform from their seats in the front row.” But Jin believes her transsexuality is not the source of her success. Born in Shanghai, Jin Xing (“Golden Star” in Mandarin) exhibited exceptional grace at the age of 4, and, he says, by 6, he knew that he was different from other boys. When he was 9, he staged a hunger strike until he convinced his father, a military man, to allow him to enroll in the Chinese army’s dance school. At 18, after grueling years spent entertaining the nation’s troops, he was declared China’s best dancer and went on a scholarship to New York. There, he was “introduced to an alternative lifestyle in the gay bars on Broadway,” writes Levey. But Jin didn’t feel like a homosexual. He felt like a woman. In 1995, after his sex change, Chinese opera houses overflowed with crowds eager to see this unusual dancer. Tickets went for the equivalent of half the average monthly salary. “People complain about the system, saying there is too little freedom in China,” Jin says. “But there is always enough space to accomplish something incredible.”

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May 7, 2007, 5:53 pm
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Meow Meow will collaborate next with China’s most controversial contemporary dancer and first acknowledged transsexual, Jin Xing in Shanghai.