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October 23, 2009, 10:40 pm
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Shanghai’s Jin Xing Dance Theatre collaborated with Korea’s Won Kim Group in a performance inspired by the film Il Grido (The Outcry) at Shanghai Theatre Academy on Friday night as part of the ongoing 2009 Shanghai Dance Festival.

This evening (Oct. 7) Jin Xing will perform “The Closest- The Furthest,” a dance solo, at 7:30 pm. The festival will then conclude with peformances by Arkadi Zaides (Israel) and Alain Greig and the X Factor Dance Company (UK) Saturday and Sunday night. All remaining performances are at Shanghai Theatre Academy at 630 Huashan Road.


2010 Adelaide Festival program

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23/10/2009 9:44:00 AM
The first Adelaide Festival took just nine months to plan and included 105 events. The year was 1960, pubs closed at six, you couldn’t order wine in restaurants after 8pm and the festival was seen as a chance to bring Adelaide alive.In 2010, the event’s 50th anniversary, there will be 250 performances, events and exhibitions in 33 venues throughout Adelaide, kicking off with a fireworks display in Victoria Park by French pyrotechnics company Groupe F on February 27. Planning will have taken more than two years, with a team of 60 paid staff and around 50 volunteers on board during the festival.

You can be certain the pubs will be open after 6pm, the wine will be flowing and the city will be well and truly brought to life.

The festival’s artistic director, Paul Grabowsky, and TV host and entertainer Julia Zemiro unveiled the 2010 program and poster at the official launch last night at the Dunstan Playhouse.

Describing the Adelaide Festival as “the holy grail of arts festivals”, Grabowsky said his vision was to create an event that would capture the hearts and minds of Australians.

“The key theme is the idea of the heart – it is a metaphor for inclusivity, generosity, the seat of emotions, and also the link that binds artists with their audiences … I think audiences, when they respond to art, are having their sense of humanity heightened and laid bare.

“Without our audiences, us artists are nothing.”

Grabowsky has chosen works he hopes will move people and even change their lives. One aspect of the program that specifically celebrates the anniversary year is Reel Life, which will see short films featuring home movies shot in Super 8 format screened in public spaces around Adelaide. A call from festival organisers for people to submit their home movies resulted in more than 800 being submitted.

“It’s a good thing to remind people that art is not the domain of the chosen few,” Grabowsky says of Reel Life. “It has always been at the centre of human experience.”


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